Taquan Air Misty Fjords Tour – Ketchikan, AK

Today Connor and I woke up extra early to another gorgeous sunny day in Ketchikan, and decided to try our luck at getting onto a Taquan Air flight over the Misty Fjords. Luckily for us, they had a couple spots available, so we headed into town and got ready to see the Misty Fjords in a totally different way!
When we arrived at Taquan Air, we were checked in by the friendly front desk girls, shown a brief safety video, and divided into groups to meet our pilots. Our pilot was Jim, who was the best: funny, informative, and most importantly, an excellent pilot – those water take-offs and landings were smoother than a commercial airliner.

Our awesome pilot, Jim!
So excited!
The headphones provided.

Every passenger was provided with a pair of headphones, in order to both block out the loud plane noises and to hear the pilot’s narration. In between talking about the different areas we were passing and the history of Ketchikan, Jim played some fun music to underscore the scenery around us.

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The view after takeoff.
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No words necessary.
The water was so pristine it became a mirror.

The sight we found most incredible was looking down on the lakes that were so still and crystal clear, they showed perfect reflections of the cloudy skies. Halfway through, Jim took us down to a lake called Big Goat Lake for a water landing, where we got to get out and look around for a moment.

Getting down out of the plane.
The amazing view!

After a few minutes, we loaded back onto the plane, took off (once again, incredibly smoothly), and made the return trip back. There were still plenty of beautiful sights to see, including getting to spot a bit of wildlife – we saw the entire body of a humpback whale since we were able to look straight down at it, and also got to see herds of local goats laying around in the sun.

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Got to see New Eddystone Rock again; this time we could see the mountain underneath the water!

It was an amazing way to spend a morning; both of us constantly looked at one another and, unable to hear, mouthed “SO COOL”. We got to see a lot of the things we had seen on the Allen Marine Tour, but from a completely new and exciting angle.

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All the ships from above.
Our vessel for the morning!

Overall, we were lucky enough to come on a perfectly sunny day in Ketchikan, getting unobstructed views throughout the flight to the not-so-Misty Fjords. Everywhere we looked was beautiful, whether flying over the pristine lakes, passing right by New Eddystone Rock, or spotting a breaching humpback whale from above. Jim’s narration was fun and full of interesting information without being overwhelming, not to mention he was a fantastic pilot. In the end, it was an amazing day, and we would definitely recommend this voyage to anyone.

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