Europe Fall 2017 | Days 5-7 | Venice

Day 5

After 24 hours of travel drama, delayed flights, and a surprisingly nice hotel in Barcelona that the airline put us up at, we finally arrived in Venice. After taking a vaporetto to the closest stop, we dropped our luggage off at our lodging, a wonderful place called Ca’ Bibi Rooms. It was run by an incredibly friendly woman who straightened our room up and recommended an area nearby for us to find some lunch.
After wandering up and down the same street twice, we ended up deciding on a restaurant called Trattoria Misericordia. For only 39,50 euros, we were able to get bruschetta, two delicious pasta entrees, a glass of house white wine, a Coke, and a bottle of still water. The service was also fantastic; we were one of two tables, and were constantly entertained by our waiter and the restaurant manager.

Trattoria Misericordia – wonderful food, service, and prices!
Amazing food from Trattoria Misericordia!

After lunch, we returned, exhausted and jet-lagged to Ca’ Bibi, and thankfully were able to crash for a nap for several hours. When we awoke, we found that it was already pretty late in the evening, and decided to wander around and explore.

Venice is even more beautiful at night.
Get lost in the winding streets of Venezia!

On the way to Piazza San Marco (over an hour’s walk from Ca’ Bibi), we stopped at a restaurant for pizza near the Rialto Bridge. Upon discovering that an entire pizza was only 7-10 euros, we decided to each get one.

Very charming candid with two personal pizzas.
Our view – the Rialto Bridge!

After dinner, we continued to wander around, finally arriving at Piazza San Marco. Not only were the sights beautifully lit-up at night, the Piazza was nearly empty by the time we arrived, making it a peaceful visit to some of the main sights (a rarity).

St. Mark’s Basilica at night.
The Doge’s Palace.

Day 6

We had few days to spend in Venice, so the next day was our only time to really sightsee. We bought a €20 museum pass, which would grant us entry into the Doge’s Palace, as well as a couple museums around Piazza San Marco. We also got to walk through St. Mark’s Basilica, which has free entry for most public areas.

St. Mark’s Basilica in daylight.

It was a perfect day in Venice, not too crowded as it was late October, and we got to enjoy fresh-made pasta out of takeout boxes and gelato from a cart.

It was a perfect and beautiful day, ending with yet more pizza. We slept soundly and prepared to leave Venice, the city we’d fallen in love with in 24 hours, the next day.

Day 7

The next morning, we boarded a train from Venice to Rome, where we spent one night and met up with my friend from college. It was a wonderful night, with more gelato, delicious food, and a quick round of laundry. And then, just like that, it was time for our first cruise around the Mediterranean!

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