Europe Fall 2017 | Days 15-18 | Malta, Sicily, & Pompeii

Day 16: Valletta, Malta

The view as we pull into Valletta.

Day 15 was a Sea Day and mostly consisted of us hanging out and being lazy, so let’s skip to Day 16, when we arrived in Valletta, Malta! Considering we didn’t know much about Malta, we were really intrigued by everything we found. It was a very cool city architecturally and historically; Malta was the most bombed place in World War II, due to its English ownership and proximity to Italy. However, we were told by the locals that the Italians who were meant to bomb Malta would often intentionally miss, as they had relatives or friends who lived there.

View of the port when you arrive.

At this point of the trip, we were starting to get tired out from all the walking around every port, so we didn’t do quite as much in Malta.

Malta had beautiful architecture and colors.
The Auberge de Castille.
Mix of old and new architecture.

Day 17: Messina, Sicily

Shakespeare references make a theatre nerd like me happy.

Messina was a similar experience; we pretty much got off the ship, walked around, watched the bell tower show (which was super cool and worth a watch!) and got back on the ship.

This bell tower comes to life every day.
It’s right next to the Cathedral of Messina.
The interior of the Cathedral.

To clarify, it’s not that there wasn’t anything to see, we were just too tired at this point to go and see it. Plus we wanted to save our leg strength for the next day: Pompeii!

Day 18: Naples/Pompeii, Italy


The next port was technically Naples, but our goal was to get to Pompeii and back. Once again we took a train, which also ended up being crammed on the way back, but hey, the sacrifices you make to have an affordable adventure. Pompeii was incredible; we tested the limits of our walking-around-ruins endurance, we ate pizza on the steps of an ancient Pompeiian home, and we saw yet another ancient theatre! Could I be a happier theatre geek?

Ancient frescoes.
Ancient statues.
Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Us & Mt. Vesuvius.
Pompeii’s Amphitheatre.

Pompeii is incredible simply for the fact that it still exists. The level of preservation of an entire ancient city such as Pompeii has maintained is an unmissable sight to see.
Naples/Pompeii was actually the last port of our cruise, so we returned to the ship to pack up and prepare to return to Rome for three days!

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