Europe Fall 2017 | Day 19-22 | Rome & Vatican City

Day 19: Arrival in Rome

On Day 19, we disembarked our Mediterranean cruise and returned on a train to Rome. We spent the next three nights in an apartment in Rome found on AirBnb called Scalo25, which I would recommend besides a couple of inconveniences (the main one being that there was a washing machine but no dryer, which we didn’t realize until we arrived, and therefore laid out every piece of clothing we owned around the apartment to dry). That first day we mostly just slept, as we discovered upon arriving that our outlet converter from Croatia didn’t work in Italy.

Day 20: Vatican City


On our first full day in Rome, we decided to take the public transit to the Vatican and explore there. Upon arrival, we discovered an hour-long line to get into St. Peter’s Basilica, but as it was our only planned stop for the day, we joined the line. It ended up being a pretty quick-moving line, and once we got into the Basilica di San Pietro we knew it had been worth the wait.

Our view from line.
The exterior of the Basilica.

St. Peter’s Basilica was absolutely breathtaking. Whether or not you associate with the Catholic religion, it is an awe-inspiring sight to see, both with an exterior and interior view. When we finally tore ourselves away, it started to rain, so we ended up returning to our AirBnb for the night.

The entrance to the Basilica.
The awe-inspiring interior.

Day 21: Rome

The following day was our last full day in Rome, so we decided to see the main sights around town. The first stop was the Coliseum of course, a marvel of ancient architecture. We arrived about two hours before it closed, but found this to be plenty of time to walk around and explore as long as you’re not trying to do a guided tour.

View of the inside of the Coliseum.

Our next stop was the Trevi Fountain – keep in mind we walked everywhere, so the majority of our day was spent walking the streets from place to place. This was a great way to see some lesser-known sights and all the fun storefronts of Rome. We then met up with my friend from college again, who showed us around a few more places at night.

The Trevi Fountain – living my Hilary Duff Movie dreams.

To be honest, we did not fall in love with Rome. The sights are absolutely beautiful and unmissable, but the crowds of tourists and those attempting to target them were more bothersome than anywhere else we’ve been. Of course, this may be our own fault for mostly going to touristy areas such as the Coliseum and Trevi Fountain, but even as we were just walking the streets it seemed everyone was trying to sell us bracelets.
That night we prepared for the next day, when we would board our next, third, and final cruise in two months, this one sailing all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to Miami!

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