Ziplining at Alaska Canopy Adventures

There are two main attractions on our property: Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary and Alaska Canopy Adventures. The first consists of walking tours, which is what I do; the second is all about the zipline, which I do whenever I have the opportunity.I’ve ziplined at ACA twice: once during the day, and once at night. And funny … Read more

Into the Woods: Giving Walking Tours at Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary

My least favorite subject has always been science. No matter which grade level you look at, I was never remotely interested in meiosis, mitosis, dissecting a fetal pig, the Periodic Table, or anything in that realm. Science just never made sense to me. I was also what you might call “indoorsy” as a child; while … Read more

Canoeing with Alaska Travel Adventures | Ketchikan, AK

On the morning of Saturday, August 18, Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary did a tour exchange with Alaska Travel Adventures, meaning a group of about 20 of us got to enjoy one of ATA’s canoeing excursions. We had an amazing time, thanks to the coordinator, Tori, and our awesome guides, Chad and Jesus. We started at Harriet Hunt … Read more

Taquan Air Misty Fjords Tour – Ketchikan, AK

Today Connor and I woke up extra early to another gorgeous sunny day in Ketchikan, and decided to try our luck at getting onto a Taquan Air flight over the Misty Fjords. Luckily for us, they had a couple spots available, so we headed into town and got ready to see the Misty Fjords in … Read more

8 Things to Know Before You Work on a Cruise Ship

The number one thing people say when I tell them I worked on a cruise ship is, “Oh, that must be just like being on vacation all the time!”. If you have ever worked in any sort of hospitality job, you know that this statement is straight-up laughable. Sure, it’s awesome waking up in Hawaii … Read more

How to Get a Job on a Cruise Ship (Part 3) – STCW Training

You’re almost there! You’re in the home stretch! Your medical exam is done, your paperwork is being processed, and now all you have to do is wait – and pass your STCW Basic Training! Personally, this was the most fun thing I’ve done for any job training anywhere. At this point, as far as I … Read more

How to Get a Job on a Cruise Ship (Part 2) – Medical Exam, TWIC, MMC

Welcome to Part 2 of How to Get a Job on a Cruise Ship! In Part 1, I described how to find a job, how to apply, and what the interview process is like. Now, you’ve gotten the job offer, you’re ready to begin your new adventure – but especially if you’re trying to get … Read more

How to Get a Job on a Cruise Ship (Part 1) – Finding a Job, Applying, & Interviewing

Of all the seasonal jobs I’ve done, probably the one I will remember most was the time I did on the Pride of America, NCL’s cruise ship in Hawaii. I have never (and probably will never again) had a work environment that so defines the idea of “work hard, play hard”. From the moment you … Read more

7 Signs That Seasonal Travel Jobs Are For You

You probably stumbled across this website because you’re thinking about applying for a seasonal or travel job, by which I mean jobs like an entertainer on a cruise ship, a waiter at a summer resort, a ski instructor in the winter, or any other job that takes place in a vacation destination for a contracted … Read more