Canoeing with Alaska Travel Adventures | Ketchikan, AK

On the morning of Saturday, August 18, Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary did a tour exchange with Alaska Travel Adventures, meaning a group of about 20 of us got to enjoy one of ATA’s canoeing excursions. We had an amazing time, thanks to the coordinator, Tori, and our awesome guides, Chad and Jesus.

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Our guide, Jesus, shows us the ropes of canoeing.

We started at Harriet Hunt Lake, a picturesque area deep in the wilderness of Revillagigedo Island. Our guides walked us through some safety information, handed out life vests, hardcore rain jackets, and paddles, and led us down to the canoes. We split into two smaller groups, which fit perfectly in the two canoes, and were quickly trained on how to canoe.

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As we passed by certain areas, the guides showed us all an area that produced an epic echo, which reverberated back from the trees on the shore. It was a cool touch that brought a sense of fun right off the bat to the our canoe expedition. Thankfully, we had a lot of skillful paddlers, and with everyone pulling their weight, the canoeing was really easy. I can imagine that with some less-skilled, arm-strength-impaired canoemates it could definitely be a more laborious process, but we had a lovely relaxing float through the lake.

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Gorgeous scenery on a relaxing adventure.

We stopped a couple of times to get some explanations of local plants from our guide, Jesus, who also quizzed us on local facts to see how much we knew. He did a great job not only guiding us, but also keeping everyone engaged early in the morning, and the combination of a great guide and beautiful sights made it a really wonderful experience. But the surprises had not ended!

Our feast!

At a secondary dock, there was a tent set up full of snacks – fresh bread, salmonberry jam, Goldfish crackers, and two pots of hot chocolate and coffee. It was a perfect interlude that led to a quick nature walk, showing a few more of the most common plants and trees of the area.

The trail.
A totem in the trees!

Following the walk, we returned to the canoes and began the journey back, which proved to be pretty short as we had made a full circle around the lake. We made a few more cool echoes, had a quick canoe race, and arrived back in time to make it for our first tours of the day.
Overall, it was a beautiful way to spend a morning, and was wonderfully put together by Alaska Travel Adventures. We were so grateful for the experience, and would definitely recommend it for anyone that would enjoy a peaceful excursion into nature!

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Farewell Harriet Hunt Lake!

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