Canada & New England Cruise (Fall 2017) | Days 4-8 | Quebec City, Sea Days, & Sydney

We boarded the ship in Montreal on September 23rd, 2017, and were thrilled to join a cruise ship as passengers for once instead of employees. Our first stop that night was to the comedy magic show of the traveling duo, Brent and Sarah. They were hilarious and very talented; we loved the simplicity and skill of their magic show. It was tons of fun! Plus both Connor and I ended up onstage, so that’s always fun.

Cruise ship magic show
Cruise ship magic show
magic magic magic magic

Day 5: Quebec City

The very next day we pulled into our first port: Quebec City! Quebec was beautiful and a totally walkable city, so we pretty much just walked around, climbed hills, and took fun pictures. The three places we saw that were definitely the coolest/most impressive were Fairmont Le Château Frontenac, a huge and majestic castle-style hotel, the Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec, a gorgeous cathedral located in Old Quebec, and the Marche du Vieux-Port de Quebec, a fun market found on the waterfront.

The funicular that takes you up the hill to all the sights!
Picasso’s fun contribution to the Château Frontenac.
The beautiful interior of the Cathedral-Basilica of Notre-Dame de Québec.
Oh, Canada! Your castle hotels are so awesome.
A cool art installation that looks like floating boats on the way to the Marche.
Chillin in a leaf outside of the Marche du Vieux-Port de Quebec.

Overall, we had a lovely time in Quebec City. We loved walking around and exploring the sights, and as far as I remember we didn’t have to spend money on anything except the funicular, which cost CAD$3 each, so no worries.

Days 6-7: Sea Days

While we were only scheduled to have one sea day, the ship ended up skipping Charlottetown due to weather. I was a bit bummed as I actually have some relatives way back that lived on Prince Edward Island, but those two sea days were a blast! In our experience, having fun on a cruise is all about doing the activities. There are employees there getting paid to make sure you have fun (believe me, I was one of them), so go out there and have fun! Some of the most fun we had on the trip was at the bar crawl; for (if I recall correctly) $20 per person, we got a FULL drink from every bar on the ship, got to play flip cup with participants spanning three generations, sang along with the piano man, and ended with a Cupid Shuffle dance off – which I won!

The coolest part of the bar crawl was definitely in that last photo: the bartender stacked shot glasses between all of those glasses, hit one on the very end, and they were knocked into the drinks. It was so cool.

Day 8: Sydney, Nova Scotia

I know, you hear Sydney, you think Australia! But as it turns out, there is actually another Sydney, which is in Nova Scotia, and to be honest, doesn’t have much to do if you’re looking to spend $0. We ended up walking around the boardwalk and exploring a local art fair, so hey, there’s not nothing to do, just be creative and keep an eye out for fun things!

Cruising is really all about exploring; you get to wake up in a new place every day, and what you do and see there is totally up to you! If you’re into shore excursions, that’s totally awesome, but if you just want to walk around town and see what you find, that’s also totally awesome!
Up next, we have our final few days, and three more destinations!

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