Hi! Welcome to my blog, Vagrants & Vagabonds. My name is Penny, and like many Millennials, I graduated college with a degree and no idea what I was doing. After graduation, I spent three weeks backpacking alone in Europe, and found that I had just as much (if not more fun) planning the trip as actually going on the adventure. I found myself dreading my return to the bleak reality of post-grad life.
While my major had been in theatre, I quickly found myself spending more time at day jobs I didn’t enjoy than actually acting, leading to an irredeemably boring existence. Craving change and missing the adventurous spirit I had developed while traveling, I applied on a whim to an entry-level job on a cruise ship in Hawaii. I was hired, and after a month of busing tables in the buffet, I was moved to the entertainment department to host activities – trivia, bingo, crafts, karaoke, gameshows, dance parties – all that jazz.
While it wasn’t the right environment for me, the job helped me see how my strengths in entertainment and people skills could pair with my passion for travel in the world of hospitality. I met a cool cat named Connor, did three more jobs together, traveled the world a bit more, and now here I am, making a blog about it all, after the fact.
So why make a blog about these experiences? Throughout the past couple of years I have had a number of people ask me what sort of jobs I do where I get to travel so much, and how to get these jobs. I feel very passionately that the best thing we can do in life is to travel, to explore, to try new things, to challenge ourselves, and to strive to understand our fellow humans.
And so, the purpose of this blog is to help you, a fellow vagrant and/or vagabond, to pursue your dreams of a life that does not shackle you to one place, but gives you the freedom to live a constant adventure. I hope that I can help bring you one step closer to that journey of a thousand steps you’re longing to take.