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Europe Fall 2017 | Days 1-5 | Dubrovnik, Croatia

Day 1

On October 14th, 2017, Connor and I arrived in Dubrovnik, Croatia to begin our 37-day adventure through Southern Europe. The next three days were spent exploring what became our favorite destination we’ve ever been to. Known best for being the filming location for King’s Landing on Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik holds not only exciting sights for GoT fans, but beautiful architecture, amazing seafood, and countless things to see and do. For a guide detailing how we kept our trip to an affordable budget, check out our guide to Dubrovnik.

The view of the harbor from Old Town Dubrovnik.

Day 2

On our first full day in Dubrovnik, we decided to get a Dubrovnik 1-Day Card, which gave us access to the city walls, the Old Pharmacy at Franciscan Monastery, and several other sights around Old Town, all of which we were interested in for their appearance on Game of Thrones.

The view from the city walls.

After exploring the Old Town of Dubrovnik, we got ready for our dinner reservations, which would be at the Panorama restaurant at the top of the hill. As we were getting our cable car tickets, we just missed the one that was taking off, but this meant that we were the first ones onto the next one and got a great view.

The view as the cable car ascends.
Panorama restaurant.

Placed perfectly on the side of a cliff, Panorama restaurant gave us great food, great comfort, and amazing views. We were given not only heat lamps, but blankets at every chair for when it got cooler in the evening. Maybe it’s because I made reservations 3 months in advance, but either way, we were lucky enough to be placed right on the edge of a balcony to overlook the sun setting on Old Town Dubrovnik. It was a perfect evening.

Day 3

For our third day, we had booked a sea kayaking adventure with a man at one of the tour booths in town. At his recommendation, we chose the sunset tour, which meant we would meet at Banje Beach in the afternoon. We were provided with life jackets, a waterproof bag for our belongings, and a double kayak. Once everyone was successfully in the water, we took off, kayaking towards Lokrum Island, which they informed us was cursed.

Our first stop was a sea cave not too far from Banje Beach, inside of which they gave us snorkel gear if we wanted and showed the bravest where they could jump off a cliff into the water. As we had no desire to jump into water from a height, we both mostly just hung out in the crystal-clear water.

After a short while in the cave, we moved on, splitting into two groups: the faster ones that wanted to go all the way around Lokrum Island, and the ones that wanted to take a slower pace and go the other way about a quarter of the way around the island. We all would meet up at the same spot to watch the sunset. We chose the long way around, and got to see another sea cave and the rocky beaches around the island.

At last, it was time, and we met with the rest of our group to watch as the sun set over the water and turned Dubrovnik shades of red, orange, and pink.

It was one of the coolest things we’ve done anywhere, and I would absolutely recommend it, especially for those who love to kayak.

Day 4

On our final day in Dubrovnik, we decided to explore the cursed island that had enchanted us the day before. We took the ferry across to Lokrum Island, noting when we had to be back for the last ferry, and explored as much of the map they provided as we could.

The view from the back of the ferry to Lokrum Island.

Lokrum Island is home to a lot of animals that seem pretty random; the ones we saw the most were peacocks and bunnies. It is also home (or at least was at the time, I can’t seem to confirm that it still is) to a Game of Thrones exhibit that contains not only exclusive videos about the making of GoT, but the actual real Iron Throne used in filming. I 100% recommend sitting in it and feeling the raw power.

Our next stop was doing the hike up to Fort Royal, which was a nice gradual uphill climb to a very cool Medieval-looking fort. Fort Royal overlooks Dubrovnik with awesome views, so if you haven’t already seen this lovely town from enough angles, this is the spot for you.

The view from Fort Royal.

We finished our last night in Dubrovnik at our favorite dinner spot all week called Bota oyster and sushi bar, which had some of the best sushi and teriyaki beef we’ve had anywhere. And just like that, our time in Croatia had come to an end! While we definitely would like to come back and explore more outside of Dubrovnik, we absolutely loved our time here, and have yet to experience anything quite as cool as that sea kayaking trip.

Our Day 5 was filled with airline drama which I’ll spare you, but the TL;DR version is that our flight was delayed almost 4 hours and they ended up putting us up in an amazing luxury hotel in Barcelona for 4 hours before we had to get on our next flight. Next stop – Venice!

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