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Welcome to Vagrants & Vagabonds!

Every blog needs a first post, doesn’t it? And here is mine. It won’t be anything too lengthy; I’m just writing this to introduce you, a guest of my website, to its existence! So hello, and welcome to Vagrants & Vagabonds!

I decided to write this blog because I have spent the past couple of years working jobs that enable me not only to travel for them, but travel between them. Because of these jobs I have been able to meet a multitude of incredible people, see places that top a lot of Bucket Lists, and try things that throw me so far out of my comfort zone I’ve forgotten how to get back. These experiences have helped me grow as a human, overcome anxiety, and find actual, true happiness, something I never thought possible. And this, I feel, is something that everyone not only can do, but should do.

So let’s do this thing! Just to let you know, since many of the jobs I have done are in the past, the majority of these posts will be about things that happened a year or so ago. But hey, time is construct anyways, all that there is is right now, am I right?

Alright, let’s go.





One thought on “Welcome to Vagrants & Vagabonds! Leave a comment

  1. Penny you have so many different talents that continue to amaze us? We look forward to all your postings and be armchair travelers thru you.
    Keep hem coming.
    Love, grandma & Grandpa

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